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About CSEC

The Computer Science Enrichment Club is a student-run group at the University of Toronto Scarborough which focuses on helping students with a passion for Computer Science take the next step. We do everything from hosting monthly learning seminars to helping you create your own website.

This year, we'll be starting in mid-September, so be sure to follow us on any social media to learn more!


Interests you never knew you had through our engaging and exciting monthly seminars on everything from Machine Learning to PC Building


Amazing projects and lasting friendships through our Hackathons, Contests, and more!


Future Leaders, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs and develop key connections at our various social events and networking nights!

Contact Us

Reach us at any of the social media links or drop us a line with the form below! Also, be sure to join our Mailing List!

Computer Science Enrichment Club

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